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How to get the e-visa for Myanmar

At present, 2018 Jan, most foreign tourists are required to get a visa to visit Myanmar prior to arriving the airport. From 2014 onwards nationals of some countries are allowed to get visa online and you can get it without travel agency. I’v summed up the information on how to get an e-visa in the notes below.

*You can check the details of the e-visa in the link below.

Notice to Tourists – Myanmar eVisa (Official Government Website)


These are the steps to getting the e-visa online

These are the steps to get a visa onlie.

■Fill in the form in the official  website(Apply for the form within 90days count backward from the immigration day)

 ★Official website:

■Soon after submitting the application you’ll recieve an e-mail confirming receipt of your information and notifying you of a 3 day waiting period while your information is processed.

■If your application is approved, you’ll receive the e-mail with the PDF visa document.(Complete!)

■Print out the document in order to show it to the immigration officer at the airport.

 ★An immigration officer will have to stamp the document so don’t forget to print a copy of it.


Things you have to be mindful of in the e-visa process

■The term of validity of the e-visa

In case of Myanmar Visa, you must enter Myanmar whithin 90 days of the date of issue on your visa otherwise it will be invalid and of no use to you so it’s better to apply for e-visa 1month or 2months before the immigraiton day.


■Inside the form

・You need 50💲 to apply(Credit card)

You need your photo(Height4.6cm × width3.8cm)



Your passport must be valid for a full 6 months from the time you submit the application and it must have at least 2 clear pages remaining.


■Print out your document

Don’t forget to print out the document. You have to show your e-visa document at the airport of departure. In my case, I was required to show the document at the check-in counter of the Don Mueang International Airport. 

*Keep your document even after arriving in Myanmar because you’ll need to fill in the departure card when leaving Myanmar.


■The valid term of the tourist visa

The term of validity for the visa is no more than 28 days from the date of entry.


Let’s apply for the visa!


↑You can apply for the visa thorough this website.

After the credit card payment, you’ll receive the e-mail titled 「eVisa – Visa Application Acknowledgement」and wait for the examination about 3 working days.

After the visa passes examination you’ll recieve an e-mail titled「eVisa – Your Visa Application Result」and print out the document.

That’s all!

I hope your experience getting the visa is as smooth and seamless as mine was. Thank you for reading and have a great trip! : )
Author - Taishi Suzuki
Author - Taishi Suzuki
バンコク在住5年目/WEB屋/旅ブログ「BE AMBITIOUS」を運営しています。Japanese travel blogger / I'm based in Bangkok and regularly travel throughout the region.