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Japanese Greetings|Good morning・Good afternoon・Good evening・Good night

This is my first English article and I’ll introduce something related to Japan on my blog regularly.


The first theme is “Japanese Greetings”.  Japanese greetings are one of the first things you should study when you are learning Japanese. We Japanese people greet each other depending of the time of day.

Good Morning ↔︎ “Ohayougozaimasu” 


First I introduce “Ohayou Gozaimasu”. “Ohayou Gozaimasu” is  the formal way to say “Good Morning” in Japanese. If you are speaking with someone you don’t need to be formal with, you would use “Ohayou”(not use “Gozaimasu”). So, when you are speaking with your family and friends,  you would use”Ohayou”. 

Good Afternoon ↔︎ “Konnichiwa”


Secondly,  “Konnichiwa”. “Konnichiwa” means “Good Afternoon”. This phrase is often translated to “Hello”, but Japanese people don’t use “Konnichiwa” at morning and night.

Good Evening ↔︎ “Konbanwa”


Thirdly, “Konbanwa”. “Konbanwa” means “Good Evening”.


・Time periods of each greeting



Good Night ↔︎ “Oyasuminasai”


Lastly, “Oyasuminasai”. “Oyasuminasai” means “Good Night”. This phrase is used when you or your family or friends are going to bed. 


I hope my article is useful for you. Thank you for reading this to the end 🙂

Author - Taishi Suzuki
Author - Taishi Suzuki
バンコク在住5年目/WEB屋/旅ブログ「BE AMBITIOUS」を運営しています。Japanese travel blogger / I'm based in Bangkok and regularly travel throughout the region.