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“Travelling around Okinawa’s islands” How I visited Okinawa’s outlying islands (around Ishigaki island) from Bangkok


As the title indicates, I’d like to introduce how to visit Okinawa’s outlying islands from Bangkok.


In total, It took twelve hours to visit the outlying island including transfer. For a summary of how I made this trip, please refer to the following.


Let me get straight to the point, 

It was so hard to go there!

I arrived there Friday night exhausted from work but luckily my taxi driver from the airport was an angel. When I said I’m so sleepy, she said “I play relaxing and slow music for you so that you can sleep well. I’ll wake you up when we arrive the airport.” with big smile.

How kind you are!

Upon leaving for the airport I felt myself falling asleep and in one what seemed like only a second I awoke at the airport.

Saying goodbye to the kind taxi driver, I entered Suvarnabhumi Airport.


①The flight from Bangkok to Okinawa island.

*It takes about 4 to 5 hours to get from Bangkok to Okinawa.

*This time, I used Peach airline.

*They have the direct flight between Bangkok and Okinawa ! As for the details, please check the attached link below.

Direct flights between Okinawa and Bangkok have startedIt's good news for those who live in Okinawa and Bangkok. From Febru...


② From Naha Airport LCC terminal to domestic terminal by bus

When you arrived at the airport, you’ll be in the LCC terminal which contains the counters of Peach and Vanilla Air. You can ride the free shuttle bus which goes to the domestic terminal out of the LCC terminal. ( It takes about 10 to 20 minutes including waiting time)

Then, check-in after arriving at the domestic terminal.

*I recommend that you leave at least 3hours between arrival time and transfer time because there is a possibility that your flight could be delayed for some reason and sometimes you have to be in a long line at the check-in counter. Even if you have time, you can enjoy Okinawa cuisine, the view of the airport and so on.


③Flight from Naha airport to Ishigaki airport.

*It takes about one hour from Naha to Ishigaki. 

④ You can use the bus after arriving at Ishigaki island.

After arriving on Ishigaki island, you can take a bus toward the city. (The bus station is at the left side of the outside of the terminal.) I booked the guest house right near the ishigaki-port-terminal so that I could access the port terminal easily. It took 50 minutes from the airport to the port terminal.

*As you can see from the blue dotted line on the map, you can access some outlying islands from Ishigaki port teminal.


Ishigaki Port Terminal

Staying near the Ishigaki port terminal is very convenient because there are lots of hotels, guesthouse, Okinawa restaurant, souvenir shops. Above all, you can access the port terminal easily.

In total, it took 12 hours but I could reach it without any trouble. I hope this article will support those who want to venture to the outlying islands of Okinawa.  

Author - Taishi Suzuki
Author - Taishi Suzuki
バンコク在住5年目/WEB屋/旅ブログ「BE AMBITIOUS」を運営しています。Japanese travel blogger / I'm based in Bangkok and regularly travel throughout the region.