About me

Thank you for your visiting! My name is Taishi Suzuki. I’m a Japanese travel blogger working at an IT company in Bangkok. I’m based in South East Asia and I regularly travel throughout the region. After exploring South East Asia, I now wish to go a little farther afield.

To Travel the world is a lot of fun!

I love to travel. I have traveled to several countries. (Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Bhutan, Philippines, Dubai, Guam……) . At present, I live in Thailand and often travel to some parts of this country when I have time.  I’d like to have many lovely encounters and see a lot of beautiful scenery on my travel. More specifically, I like nature and watching the sea. That makes my mind very calm because I was raised near the ocean in Japan.

For my holiday, I often visit several south east asian countries I’ve never been to before. Because Thailand is a center of South East Asia, I can easily access the countries around Thailand. So, if I could take a holiday, I would like to go there and see world heritage, local atmospheres and beautiful scenery.

When I travel, I prefer solo travel rather than tours and being with friends. I love to travel on my own because I can move at my own pace.

In the distant future, I would like to go not only to South East Asia but also around the world during my long holiday and share the travel experience on my blog. 

One of my dreams is visiting all the countries in this world. Probably, To achieve this, I would face many difficulties, but I believe I can do it. 

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